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Educational And Training Portals


Give a great e-learning experience to your users.

Online learning is here to stay and that’s why your institution needs an Education Portal. For businesses who provide incessant training to their employees to keep them updated on the ongoing trends, our Training Portal designs stand out of the crowd and make learning fun and stress-free! At Mason Brickmann, we enhance your e-learning/ education/training portal through broad features that are a must-have! From course creation to analytics dashboard, we ease up your process end-to-end and develop a responsive design that is not only easy for you to use, but also for the learners!

Increase the engagement of your learning & training portals

A great learning portal not only contains great learning content, but also other facets like gamification, tracking the progress of the learning, assessments, social engagements, dashboards, student community forums, completion certificate pages, easy course skimming, checkout, and payment gateways, and even instant support features like chat or video conferencing to help the students in their learning process. If you are looking to build a new Education & Training Portal from scratch or looking to revamp your existing portal, we are just a message away! Let’s talk about taking your services up a notch among your competitors.