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Social Media Advertising


Proven strategies to bring in consistent conversions to you!

Do you want to reach a new set audience precisely and quickly? Do you want to retarget those one-time buyers of your products and services? Are you looking to achieve quick returns on your spendings? Here is the one answer to all your questions: Social Media Advertising! Serve ads to users on various social media platforms in a compelling way they can’t miss! Since the ads are targeted to high intent users, the level of engagement is quite high, and hence higher the customers! It is no wonder that social media is one of the quickest and efficient ways to reach your audience. With more than 53% of the global population using Social Media Platforms, the cost of acquiring a customer becomes lower than other avenues for you! And you can achieve that with the help of Mason Brickmann, who strategizes the social media advertising plan with your and structure the best one suited for your business model!.

The Mason Brickmann Strategy:

Mason Brickmann digital marketing approach revolves around audience data. To generate meaningful insights and a data-driven marketing plan, we collect and analyze enormous amounts of data from various digital touchpoints. We can assist you in answering important questions such as:

  • KPIs – What does success look like? What should you be tracking and measuring to evaluate digital performance and Return on Investment (ROI)?
  • Audience/Persona – Who are your target audiences and what can you do to cater to their needs?
  • Competitors – Who are your competitors? How can you use digital marketing to get ahead of the competition?
  • Content – What content should you develop? Do you have enough content to attract and engage with the right audience? How can you use audience data and insights to develop content and customer messaging?
  • Platform – Which is the right social media platform to approach your audience according to your business model?

Mason Brickmann creates a custom digital marketing plan for each of our customers that address a specific set of business issues. Our senior social media advertising specialists will collaborate with you to identify opportunities in your field. We create different sets of ads with compelling copies and designs for Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Linked In, Twitter in all the ad spaces like feed, stories, reels, messenger in all ad formats. We analyze the numbers from various ads and optimize the ads for better performance like engagement, CTA hits, and conversions.

We understand your brand, we become one with your brand and bring in the results! Get to know more about us now.